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Lasting relief for knee sprains

Lasting relief for knee sprains

If winter is the favorite season for skiers, it's also the time of year when waiting rooms are overrun by unlucky hikers.

Knee sprains account for over a third of all winter sports-related accidents. Often benign, this injury is nonetheless painful and disabling.

The severity of the sprain, but also how it is managed, will have a real impact on the joint's recovery. Find out how to effectively relieve a sprain.

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What is a sprain?

The knee is one of the joints that ensure both stability and mobility. It supports the body's weight and enables us to walk, run, bend and so on. This flexibility is ensured by 4 ligaments: the cruciate ligaments in the center of the joint, and the lateral ligaments on the sides.

A sprain occurs when these ligaments are subjected to an injury. injury following trauma or a false move. A simple fall while ski touring can cause knee sprains. When the skier falls, the ski can exert pressure on the joint, stretching or even tearing the ligaments. The severity of the injury depends on the level of damage. A benign sprain is defined as a stretched ligament, a moderate sprain as a partial tear, and a malignant sprain as a complete rupture of one or more ligaments.

What are the symptoms of a sprain?

  • severe pain due to impact or abnormal movement of the joint
  • knee swelling
  • feeling of instability or dislocation
  • creak at the time of the trauma
Relieve muscle, ligament and joint disorders with STIMCARE

Simply apply the patch by following our tutorial videos, available in French only. here to guide you every step of the way.

If you have any questions about how to apply the patch, send your request to A therapist trained and certified to apply STIMCARE patches will take the time to answer your questions.

How can I effectively relieve a sprain?

Managing a knee sprain will play an essential role in its recovery. The knee is a complex joint, made up of a number of different components, and requires special attention. To effectively relieve a knee sprain and, above all, prevent the risk of recurrence, the first step is to determine the severity of the injury. A clinical examination will enable us to analyze lameness, avoidance of weight-bearing or total loss of stability. The diagnosis will depend on the mobility and laxity of the knee, any effusion inside the joint and the presence or absence of a hematoma. Further tests may be required to assess the severity of the trauma.

Start with rest the jointThen apply ice to the knee to relieve and limit swelling. Clay or magnesium chloride poultices can also be effective.

STIMCARE patches help sprains go into remission

STIMCARE patches will enable you to relieve pain and quickly regain range of motion and flexibility. Applied to specific pointsThe patches help eliminate toxins and drain inflamed areas. The knee deflates and flexes more freely. Microcirculation is improved, helping to rebuild damaged tissue. The need to immobilize the joint is therefore reduced, and rehabilitation is much faster.

What to do about a persistent sprain?

Here again, the use of patches will make it possible to reduce risk of recurrence. Delayed treatment or misdiagnosis can be the cause of persistent pain. Stimcare patches, as part of a therapeutic follow-up, will enable your body to re-establish proprioception of the joint in pain. This support requires the assistance of a health professional trained in the use of Stimcare patches. Contact us to find a therapist near you.

While sprains can be benign, they can cause recurring problems if not treated properly. STIMCARE patches can help provide effective, lasting relief for your sprained ankle. knee sprain so you can get away from it all!

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