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Relieve the discomfort of the pyramidal muscle

Trunk and Back

Releasing tension in the pyramidal muscle

The pyramidal muscle is a muscle that is located in the buttock in bundles.
It is often tense. So very simply, we press and see where the maximum discomfort is.
Once we have found it, we place the patch on it, stretching it well.
As these bundles are inserted along the spinal column, we place a patch on the same side to release this tension.

So if there is, associated with the tension of the pyramidal, a bar at the lumbar level, it is necessary to refer to the "lumbar tuto" and to go down to the level of the popliteal hollows and to put a patch on both sides, in the popliteal hollows behind the knees.
These points will release all the muscular tensions in the back.

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