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Relieve periosteal discomfort in the tibia

Lower limbs

Soothing periosteal disturbances

Relieve periosteal discomfort at the tibia, either on the right or left side.

In both cases we will directly locate a point under the calf curve 8 fingers above the medial malleolus.

So here I'm going to come and position the patch against the bone, stretch it.

At the same place, I position the same patch on the other side.

So I have the two patches positioned here at the level of the hind legs, behind the tibia bone. Then, we'll come to the two malleoli, position a patch on the joint capsules.

So I hang here behind the outer malleolus and stretch my patch.

Right lateral malleolus, left lateral malleolus.

So we'll end up with stitches on the two outer malleoli and stitches on the two posterior leg bones, internally.

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