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Relieve heel discomfort

Lower limbs

Soothe the heel and rebalance the whole foot

We realised that patching directly under the heel did not really improve the discomfort that was there.

The most important thing is to rebalance the whole foot.

First, we will put a patch behind the medial malleolus and in front of the Achilles tendon, here.

This patch will nourish and stimulate the whole blood network and will feed the foot.

In the same vein, we will come to relax at this level, all this area.

The point is located 8 fingers above the medial malleolus, 4 fingers then 4 fingers.

We're going to have the end of the calf curve against the bone and I'm going to come here and position the patch that I'm stretching.

Once these two patches have been placed, they will relax the area and bring a flow of blood to the area.

In order to rebalance the support of the ankle, a patch is placed on the joint capsule of the ankle, an extremely well innervated area.

So we'll patch behind the lateral malleolus.

This capsular area will inform the brain of the foot's place in space.

And the two internal patches will completely nourish the area.

Remember to stretch the patches and stick them well.

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