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Relieving functional discomfort in the thigh

Lower limbs

Soothe the thigh muscle

In the event of functional discomfort in the thigh muscle, you'll end up with an anterior, an external and an internal muscle spindle.

We will feel where the disturbed area is located.

As soon as the disturbed area is identified, a patch is placed directly on it.

Very often, particularly on the thigh, the disturbed area will be extensive.

Don't hesitate to stick another one just below or above it, depending on the area disturbed.

When the quadriceps muscle is affected, the anterior chain must be reactivated, and the key point in the anterior chain is the anterior hamstring muscle.

So we place a patch on the anterior hamstring, restimulate the entire chain and restore awareness to the affected muscle.

Thus the anterior hamstring, a major point in the overall anterior chain.

SPORT Lower limbs

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