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Relieve discomfort in the medial collateral ligament of the knee

Lower limbs

Soothing disturbances in the crow's feet area

Relieve discomfort in the crow's feet of the medial collateral ligament of the knee

A patch will be placed on this ligament, in the direction of the ligament.

A second patch is then applied to the outer area, to balance the muscle chains.

We come 4 fingers above the patella. Here we find the vastus lateralis and position ourselves just below the vastus lateralis, stretching the patch across it.

The next invariant is that if the left knee is disrupted, the joint capsule of the right ankle is systematically patched in opposition.

So we hook behind the lateral malleolus and patch under the lateral malleolus and on the joint capsule of the right ankle.

If the problem is on the right knee, we'll patch the left ankle.

Always the ankle opposite the knee disruption.

In this case, right ankle, left knee.

Internal disturbance of the left knee.

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performed by therapists trained to apply STIMCARE patches.

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