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Relieve big toe discomfort

Lower limbs

Soothing big toe disturbances

In case of disturbances in the big toe, in the big toe joint, a patch will be placed around the big toe.

So I come here, I position the patch. I stretch the patch and wrap the big toe completely around.

So here I come directly to the disturbed area. In a second stage, this whole area is fed by a passage here which is important and which we must manage to relax.

We will therefore patch behind the medial malleolus and in front of the Achilles tendon.

If the lateral malleolus is sensitive to touch, a patch will be placed directly on the joint capsule of the ankle.

You hook yourself behind the outer malleolus and stretch the patch over the ankle. You end up with 3 patches, one patch on the disturbed area, one patch on the outer malleolus and one patch behind the inner malleolus.

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