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Relieve hand joint pain

Relieve hand joint pain

Many people are affected by joint pain every year. Osteoarthritis most often affects the elderly, but it can also affect women, especially after the menopause, and in some cases, people under the age of 45. Of the 10 million French people who suffer from osteoarthritis, 65% are over 65.

When they become lodged in the hand, these joint pains often become violent and extremely disabling. Holding a pen to sign a document becomes a torture and the nights are just as difficult to live with. But how can we get back to sleep since there is no treatment for osteoarthritis to date?

However, there are 100% natural solutions that can enable you to resume a balanced lifestyle for a long time. We explain.

Summary of the article

What is osteoarthritis of the hands?

Osteoarthritis is a common disease, as most people aged 70 or over suffer from it in at least one of their joints.

It is a common form of arthritis. In general, the rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease. It mainly affects the hands, feet and wrists.

Osteoarthritis is the abnormal wear and tear of cartilage and joints. This premature erosion affects flexibility and makes movement very painful. Patients face inflammatory crises which cause painful flare-ups that can last several days. In these moments, it is not just the cartilage and ligaments that are sensitive, but the whole joint including bones and muscles.

Carrying a load, even a relatively light one, becomes an ordeal. Fastening shirt buttons, tying shoelaces, zipping up a zip, gestures that are so simple to perform become real challenges.

The inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis can lead to destruction of bone and cartilageIt also causes severe joint deformities.

Rheumatoid arthritis should be diagnosed as early as possible in order to monitor its progression and provide appropriate solutions.

What causes osteoarthritis of the hands

Causes and factors

Osteoarthritis is not inevitable. With age, joints wear out, but they should not be characterised by excessive degeneration. However, there are many factors that contribute to the development of osteoarthritis.

The mechanical factor is one of the main causes. Repeated movements and microtrauma throughout your life can cause this abnormal wear. Similarly, poorly treated fractures or injuries can lead to the development of osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is an often hereditary disease, genetic factors can be a risk factor.

The symptoms

Rheumatoid arthritis is characterised by the following symptoms:

  • joint pains on several parts of the body between the hand, fingers and wrists.
  • pains that occur at night, stiffness and numbness in the morning for several minutes
  • condition that has persisted since more than 6 weeks

Specific symptoms can be distinguished for different parts of the hand:

  • osteoarthritis of the fingers :

Characterised by painful flare-ups and deformation of the fingers. Osteoarthritis usually affects the last phalanges. Pain in the interphalangeal joints. More intense pain and prolonged inflammation are the main signals.

Cysts may also occur.

  • osteoarthritis of the thumb

Pain at the root of the thumb, usually caused by squeezing and pinching. Thumb deformity can be very debilitating in everyday life, so treatment should be initiated as soon as possible in order to find solutions quickly.

Relieve your joint pain with STIMCARE patches

Simply apply the patch by following our tutorial videos, available just here to guide you through each step.

If you have any questions regarding the application of the patch, please send your request to A therapist trained and certified in the application of the STIMCARE patches is available and will take the time to answer you.

Natural relief for osteoarthritis of the hands

To begin with, remember to take it easy on your painful joints without putting them at complete rest, as activity helps to slow down the process of osteoarthritis. Regular strengthening exercises will help you to regain fluidity in your movements. At the same time, use natural solutions to relieve the pain. Among these, you will find :

●      L’harpagophytum

On l’appelle également la griffe du diable, cette plante que l’on trouve dans le désert possède des propriétés très efficaces pour lutter contre l’inflammation. Très utilisée pour soulager les articulations douloureuses, l’harpagophytum peut être consommée sous forme de gélule ou en infusion.

●      L’huile essentielle de Gaultherie

Anti-inflammatoire et antalgique naturel, l’huile essentielle de gaulthérie calme l’inflammation tout en favorisant la circulation sanguine. Appliquez quelques gouttes d’huile essentielle de Gaulthérie sur l’articulation douloureuse puis massez doucement, à renouveler en fonction de la douleur.

Physiotherapy sessions will help you to gradually regain mobility with massage, hot and cold applications and various exercises to stimulate the affected joints.

●      Stimcare infrared patches

Ils sont conçus pour soulager les douleurs et les inflammations, notamment celles liées à l’arthrose. Solution non médicamenteuse et naturelle, les patchs reflètent les lumières infrarouges émises naturellement par le corps durant le processus d’inflammation. Cette concentration permet de drainer les toxines accumulées, reduce pain and promote blood microcirculation. Relief is fast and long lasting for up to 10 days. Stimcare patches can be cut to fit the affected joint.

TUTO: Relieving finger joint discomfort
1. Place a patch at the base of the wrist.
2. Wrap a patch around the target finger.

This condition requires regular medical follow-up. At the first symptoms, contact your GP or a specialist.

Osteoarthritis of the hands is a widespread chronic disease, affecting a large proportion of the population. This inflammatory condition can be relatively disabling in everyday life. The Stimcare patches allow you to relieve the pain quickly and durably. You can regain comfort independently and at your own pace. Rediscover the pleasure of doing the simplest things yourself.

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